Things to do the summer before college

Since most of your enrollment requirements should be met before high school graduation, the summer before college appears largely as an opportunity to relax and rest before attending college. However, while a proper vacation from your previous work is important, you can also use this extra time productively and prepare for your upcoming transition to college.

1. Research the School’s Website

One of the easiest ways to prepare for college is by researching your chosen school’s website. These websites have plenty of information about the school, from a campus map to the several school programs and clubs. Most importantly, you can research the school’s programs and courses, which will give you a head start on preparing for your schoolwork.

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2. Settle Your Finances

Ensure that your bank accounts and credit or debit cards are set up properly. Also, if you applied for financial aid such as scholarships, grants, or student loans, make sure you have filled out all necessary paperwork. Call the financial aid office to check that all the paperwork has been turned in.

3. Go to Summer School

Even though wanting to take a break after completing high school is understandable, summer school programs can help you clear out required courses ahead of time. If your college does not have a summer program, you can always attend summer courses at the nearby community college. They are typically more affordable than traditional college courses. Just work with your primary school’s counselor to ensure these credits can transfer easily.

4. Get a Summer Job

Not every cost you will face in college will be covered by financial aid programs. You might have to take care of some costs personally, such as textbook charges. Prepare for any unexpected expenses by getting a temporary job during the summer. Even if you do not need money, it never hurts to have some extra cash around.

5. Schedule a Medical Checkup

While you’re still in town, schedule an appointment with your family physician. While schools have their health clinics, it is better to use resources you are already familiar with. Universities require that you are up to date on vaccinations, including Gardasil, which protects against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Also, have all your prescriptions refilled and ready for the school year.

6. Contact Your Roommate

If you already know who your roommate is going to be, but do not know him or her yet, now it’s a good time to establish contact and get to know each other, particularly via social media or online communication. You might get to befriend this individual, and it provides the perfect opportunity to set up ground rules and expectations before the year begins.

7. Enjoy Home Before Leaving

You never know when you get to revisit your hometown. You might be able to return during a holiday break, or sometimes not even then. Use the remaining time there to explore areas of your hometown you might not have noticed before. More importantly, spend time with friends or family if you are going to a school far away. Create great memories with them before college life keeps you occupied.

Summer gives you plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming college semester. Take advantage of this time to guarantee a smooth transition into the college lifestyle.

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