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Students are under a lot of pressure to achieve high SAT scores. The stress of preparation can be overwhelming. With the right study approach students can start to relax and feel confident when taking the exam.

4 SAT Tips to Make Sure You Are Prepared

1. Remember to Look for the Wrong Answers

One important thing to remember about the SAT is that there is only one correct answer for each question. The context clues in the question should give you the information you need to eliminate all of the wrong answers.

Try and remember that none of the questions are subjective. Each and every question has means to eliminate all of the wrong answers, and they are wrong for a reason. Focusing on this gives you the opportunity to narrow down answers until you have reached the correct one.

2. Learn from Your Mistakes

SAT prep courses and test exams give you multiple examples of questions. As you answer these questions incorrectly, learn from your mistakes. Figure out why your response was incorrect and educate yourself to make a better choice next time around.

Learning from your mistakes is done best by putting together all of your incorrect responses. Viewing the responses in this manner will draw a pattern for you of where you are making mistakes.

3. Know Your Order of Difficulty

The SAT is not scored based on the number of questions you complete, but the number of questions you complete correctly. There is no order of difficulty for the test so determine which parts of the test are more difficult for you. Spend your time focusing on the easy or medium level questions to give yourself the best chance to answer correctly.

4. Don’t Be Scared to Write on Your Test

No negative judgments are going to be made if you do a lot of scratch work and writing in your test booklet. Use this to your advantage to help figure out math questions. When working on multiple choice questions, cross out the answers you have already eliminated to get them out of your mind.

Night Before and Day of SAT Tips

The night before your exam is a time to relax. You have already done everything you can to prepare and cramming in information is only going to increase your level of stress. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your calculator, and are equipped with all the tools you’ll need.

Try your best to get a good night’s sleep. The morning of the exam, have a healthy breakfast that will leave you full of energy and prepared to succeed.