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What is the highest paying degree in today’s economy? It’s true that you should do what you love if you want to be happy in life, but it’s important to make enough money to support yourself and perhaps someday, a family. When you’re preparing for college, it’s good to know what the highest paying majors are so you can secure your future.

What Are the Highest Paying College Majors?


15. Electrical Engineering

 With so many digital devices, is it any wonder that one of the best paying college majors is electrical engineering? With one of these degrees, you can expect a median late-career pay of around $118,000.

14. International Relations

Intelligence analysts, operations managers, and business-development managers are in high demand these days as more and more companies reach international status. The late-career median pay is about $119,000.

13. Finance and Real Estate

The housing market is climbing back up, and so are jobs. Whether you want to sell homes or help people get approved, there’s a $119,500 late-career median salary to look forward to.

12 & 11. Tie: Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering

Both of these careers play into our technology-based world. Expect to make $120,000 if you follow either path.

10. Physics

Physics software engineers and system engineers are seeing increased demand. A median late-career pay equals around $121,000.

9, 8, 7. Tie: Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering

These highly technical careers are helping to give us useful technologies on the ground and in the sky. All three of these top paying majors will earn around $122,000.

6. Aeronautical Engineer

They say if humans were meant to fly, we’d have wings. Aerospace engineers say mechanical flight systems make much more sense. If you walk this line, you’ll bring home about $123,000.

5, 4. Tie: Insurance and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Risk management and computers are both necessary for our modern lives. The proof is in the compensation, which hovers around $126,000 each during the late game.

3. Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear power is something that isn’t to be trifled with. This is perhaps one of the most potentially impactful career choices, and it pays $127,000 annually.

2. Chemical Engineering

From medicines to car paint, chemical engineers are always working to make our lives a little better. If you earn one of these degrees, you’ll be making around $133,000 by late-career.

1. Petroleum Engineering

With more than 250 million cars and trucks on the road, it’s no wonder this career path is number one on our list. Drilling and reservoir engineers earn a median pay of $187,000 a year.

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