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Warnings before choosing a costly college

Steven Sirot, CBRG Co-Founder, was recently interviewed by Karin Price Mueller of Biz Brain, regarding how to choose the right college when faced with deciding between schools of similar cost when one is offering merit based aid and the other offer no scholarship. Here’s some of what Steven had to say:

Academically, the schools would not accept your daughter if she were not capable of handling the work load, but if one school is offering merit aid and the other is not, this may be a good sign, said Steven Sirot, co-founder of College Benefits Research Group (CBRG) in Roseland.

Why would one school offer merit dollars where another does not?

“Possibly because one school feels that your daughter will be a better fit and that she would be someone they want more on their campus,” Sirot said. “While the offer letters do not spell it out, schools offering merit based aid are sending a message. We Want You.”

From the financial side of the equation, you need to look at your budget.

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