Your College Planning Specialists

Meet the Team

Steven Sirot
Director of Operations

ext. 221

  • Introduces CBRG Process
  • Manages Client Relations
  • Manages Student and Financial Positioning

David N. Slater
Director of Financial Positioning

ext. 222

  • Educates Parents on Principles of Financial Positioning
  • Analyzes Cash Flow / Resources
  • Creates a Plan to Pay for College
  • Financial Aid Award Analysis / Appeals Guidance

Janet Loren
Director of Student Positioning

ext. 225

  • Individualized Student Meetings
  • Identifies College “Fit” and Fields of Study
  • Refines School List – Reviews Academic Profile and Evaluates Options
  • Guides Through Crucial Elements of Admissions Process

Joel Poznanski
Engus/Student Positioning Counselor

ext. 252

  • Creates an Initial Exploratory List of Schools
  • Walks the Family Through Tools Within the Engus Web Portal
  • Educates Family on the Use of the CBRG Online Student Positioning Program

Arielle Tandowski
Financial Aid Forms Coordinator

ext. 246

  • Coordinator for Financial Aid Forms
  • Data Verification
  • FAFSA Updates

Jill Spodek
Client Relations Manager

ext. 250

  • Assists in Client Communication regarding the Overall CBRG Process
  • Efficiently Coordinates Families through the CBRG Process

Beth Sirot
Service Center Consultant

ext. 247

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Process emails and client materials
  • Client Service Rep.

Sandra Hung
Underwriting and Bookkeeping

ext. 245

  • Bookkeeping for CBRG
  • Underwriting
  • Organizational and client data management

Joan Souders
Seminars and Billing

ext. 288

  • Schedules Workshops & Home Introductions
  • Coordinates CBRG Marketing
  • Client billing

Al Hoffman
Director of Teleconferences

  • Conducts Monthly Teleconferences Which Help the Family Prepare and Stay on Track Throughout the Admission and Financial Aid Process