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College Benefits Research Group, Certified Educational Planner, Janet Loren Interviewed on Regional Radio Show

-Certified Educational Planner (CEP) highlights criteria for college selection-


Janet Loren

Roseland, NJ – Janet Loren, Partner, Certified Educational Planner (CEP), College Benefits Research Group (CBRG), was recently a guest on ‘WFME Reports’ where she discussed the importance of bringing the financial, academic and social pieces together to produce the best result for both the child and the family.

Host, John ‘Jay’ Trelease, referred to Janet as ‘the college whisperer’ as she continued to highlight the many different reasons a student should choose a college or university.  According to Ms. Loren, “A student should consider a school where they are positioned well academically and where they can be successful as opposed to choosing a school for its brand name or because it is familiar with classmates and friends. She discussed how “it is the student that makes the college, not the college that makes the student.”

CBRG takes a very holistic approach to finding the correct financial, academic and social fit. It’s a very complete service that really helps the family.

Janet Loren is Partner and Certified Educational Planner (CEP) at College Benefits Research Group (CBRG) – a college planning organization with a unique model for working with families to find the right “fit” for their child not only financially, but academically and socially as well. Their three prong model in the college planning arena is innovative and effective in order to develop a college game plan that works for everyone.

Ms. Loren has been teaching and advising high school and college students on their school selection, the admissions process, and their career options for over 15 years. Along with working with clients, Ms. Loren also conducts seminars on the college admissions process, managing applications, college essay writing, financial aid and interview skills. Ms. Loren has extensive knowledge of individual schools and colleges both nationally and internationally.

WFME Reports is a public affairs radio show. It is part of Family Radio.