The country is still in the throes of the coronavirus epidemic, and the time has come for students to head back to America’s colleges and universities. According to, 30% of colleges are planning to implement hybrid learning, but what if your child is going back to campus full time?

As parents struggle with the tough choices the pandemic has brought about, there are a few things to keep in mind as the kids go back to school. Facing an uncertain academic year doesn’t have to be intimidating if you know how to approach the school year in the safest way possible. Consider these tips as the school year starts.

  • Be sure your student understands the importance of social distancing. Most schools are implementing measures to ensure students are kept at least six feet apart, but you must have a talk with your student about campus life outside the classroom. Be sure they know the dangers of large gatherings like parties and similar situations where they cannot socially distance. This is not a typical school year, and, as unfortunate as it may be, students must obey guidelines inside and outside the classroom if they are going to work towards preventing the spread of coronavirus.
  • Keeping things clean. Many students will be living in dormitories or off-campus apartments that they share with other students. Be sure that your child understands they must clean and disinfect frequently and wipe down surfaces in common areas much more often than they would if there was not a global pandemic.
  • Face coverings protect everyone. As uncomfortable as it may be, wearing face coverings must be a part of all our daily lives for the foreseeable future. Be sure your children understand that by wearing a mask, they are working to prevent the spread to others.According to reports, “face coverings are an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, because they limit the potential for the virus to spread in respiratory droplets…”
  • Stress the importance of hand-washing. Since it is human nature to touch our eyes, face, and mouth, it is vital to wash hands for twenty seconds with warm water and soap as frequently as possible. If hand washing isn’t possible, encourage the use of hand sanitizer. Be sure you send plenty of sanitizer and soap along with your child to school.

These are the biggest issues you must go over with your kids before they head back to their campus this fall. Be sure that they are stocked up on everything they need and that they understand the importance of not sharing school supplies with others. The more they can keep to themselves for now, the better. Also, keep in mind that they will be struggling with the stress of returning to school in a very trying time, so check up with them frequently on their emotional well-being and get them the appropriate counseling if they need it.



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