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As college students head back to school this fall, there are various models that colleges and universities are using to keep students safe, while continuing the tradition of post-secondary education. Some schools are offering in-person classes, but many are either going solely with online learning or hybrid models.

In recent data, 25.8% of college students had taken at least one online class – that figure is sure to be much higher in the coming year. If you are new to online classes and have concerns about whether you will be able to achieve the level of education you deserve for your tuition, consider these tips for getting the most out of your online forum.

  • Schedule with care. It is easy to assume that online classes will be “easy” compared to in-class learning. This is a fatal error. You should allow as much time for any online class as you would for a class in a traditional classroom.
  • Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate. When you are not meeting in person for class, it is easy to put things off. Reading, exams, projects…they all take time. Be sure to create a schedule to keep yourself on track. Saving everything for the end of the semester or the due date will only create undue stress.
  • Be sure to take notes. Just because the information you need is at your fingertips online, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take notes. When you put the information into your own words, you absorb it more completely into your mental repertoire. The notes will also be helpful when it comes time to take your exams.
  • Find a quiet workspace. It will be easy to get distracted by television, games, social media, and friends this year, especially if you are not in a classroom setting. To get the most out of your education, find a quiet space where you can tune these things out while you are learning. Having a desk in your bedroom, away from the activity that occurs in common areas is one of the easiest ways to stay focused.
  • Virtual study groups. There are so many ways to create a virtual study forum with the technology you have available. If you learn best in a group setting, seek other students who are interested in learning this way, and create virtual environments in which you can study together from the privacy of your own home.

Things are going to be vastly different in the coming school year than they have ever been before, but, with a little focus and dedication, it can be a successful year. Your school will provide the resources you need, but as Campus Arrival states, “Those resources start to feel distant and so does your desire to do the work, but there are ways to make your Coronavirus quarantine classes manageable.” If you feel that you are facing insurmountable learning issues this year, don’t worry. You will find a method that works for you.

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