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what majors are popular

As the world of education becomes more varied, the number of college majors has expanding significantly making the process of choosing one more difficult. While there are countless options, there are some especially popular courses of study you may want to know about.


Finance Is a Popular Field

One of the most popular fields students are entering for future careers is finance. The median starting salary is $53,300, and the median mid-career salary is $93,200. There are 1.4 million job postings online each year in finance, and the job growth in 10 years is projected to be at 13.1%. The most commonly related job to this major is a financial analyst. Any type of business major, in general, is a popular option. About 19% of students major in business.


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Science Can Be Lucrative

Many students also want to pursue biology. Science and nature are always developing and changing, and people find the field both financially and personally pleasing. There are many different divisions of biology, and many students who want to become medical professionals study it.


Nursing Demand Always Growing

which college majors are the most popularNursing is also growing in popularity. The demand for nurses has risen and is projected to keep rising. The Department of Labor estimates that the demand for nurses will have grown by 16% by 2024, which is more than twice the amount that other jobs are expected to grow.

There is also a wide scope of specific jobs for nurses. They can work with all different types of people in varying environments.


Do You Enjoy Language Arts?

Majoring in English has been a popular option for a while. The studies that come along with it improve the writing and reading skills of students, which can be useful tools in many different careers.


Do You Prefer Analysis?

For people who prefer more analytical thinking, economics is a popular choice. It focuses on how organizations and governments handle financial resources. It is ideal for people who want to work in banking, financial planning, risk analysis, or other financial matters.


Don’t Forget These Other Fields

  • Computer science is popular with people who enjoy solving problems. The field includes jobs in robotics, graphic design, artificial intelligence, bio-computation, and other programming and computer focuses. A software engineer can earn more than $118,000 a year.
  • Law school is a common pursuit for people who want to be involved in law or government. Criminal justice is the most popular major for students who are thinking about heading in that direction. It provides base information about law and government, leading to jobs as police officers, detectives, Secret Service agents, prosecutors, and countless other professions.
  • Teaching is another field that always needs more people. Education is a popular major, especially amongst students who want to go on to become a teacher. The major often allows you to choose a specific age that you want to work with, so you can focus on that.
  • Psychology is a very common major. About 6% of students choose to major in psychology. It focuses on how people think and why people do what they do, so it caters well to people who are curious about humankind. It can also lead people to jobs outside the psychology realm, such as human resources, counseling, and teaching.

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