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Many people hunt after a healthy work-life balance like Ahab hunts for his white whale; they know the benefits but still struggle to find balance. Going to school throws a third cog into that machine, making time management even more difficult. Here are some tips to help you find your white whale and keep your life healthy and balanced.

1. Personal Support System

When you’re going to school, working and trying to maintain an active social life, more demands will call at you from many directions, and you can quickly feel overwhelmed. That’s why developing your own personal support system is so important. The first step is to identify what specific needs you have in this moment, and then determine how your personal support system can assist you in maintaining those needs. Having trusted family and friends on your team to carry some of the load improves your chances of success.

2. Use Online Options

online collegesIf you do face scheduling issues, look at other ways to achieve your study goals. Take a few classes online, if not your entire degree. Getting to a classroom at a specific time might prove impossible, but shifting into a classroom from your work desk takes almost no time at all. Many programs offer online courses or degree programs. Consider these if you find yourself in a position where flexibility at work is problematic.

3. Remix Priorities

Something is going to have to give on your list of things you need to do or that are important to you. Take a moment to really consider your priorities and values so you can better plan your upcoming education in a manner that doesn’t violate them. If you have a tough season at work, try to schedule easier courses during those months. Save tougher classes for the times of year that work will be more manageable. Planning a strategy that accommodates school and work will lead to improved performances in both.

4. Go Easy on Yourself

If you are unhealthy or exhausted, your work will suffer. Stress and anxiety will rob you of energy and creativity. Poor diet sucks the will to continue from your body. Lack of sleep destroys your ability to function. Prioritize sleep and exercise and provide yourself with a healthy diet to make sure your body doesn’t betray you. Don’t forget to celebrate things, even little wins. And take time to spoil yourself occasionally. This could mean sleeping in on a weekend, having a little extra with dinner, or just having some fun. Whatever it may be, make it important and stick to it.

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