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Applying for a Minority Scholarship and Financial Aid

Scholarships for minorities play an important role in the American educational system. The cost of going to school is rising, and many minority students don’t enjoy the same access to funding as more-privileged students have. As an African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ,...

All You Need to Know About 529 College Savings Plans

The average cost of college for the 2016-2017 school year was $33,480 for private colleges, $24,930 for public out-of-state colleges, and $9,650 for public in-state colleges – not including room and board. The price of a college education increases every year, and the...

Should I Apply to Colleges with Rolling Admissions?

Colleges set up their admissions processes in different ways. Early action, early decision, standard admission, and rolling admission give students varying levels of flexibility during the admissions process. Colleges with rolling admissions often respond to...

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9/16/2013 - WCTC’s "Jersey Central" Radio Show: